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Bell Schedules / Drop Off Info

Bell Schedules
Drop-off and Pick-up Map

drop off and pick up map


- If you would like to walk your child into school, please park down the road or in the available spaces (non-staff/reserves spaces).

DO NOT leave your car unattended in the loading zone in the parking lot, even for a few minutes.

- If you would like to do a 'drive-by' drop off, enter the parking lot from the North ONLY. Please DO NOT attempt to turn left from 2nd Ave into the lot.



- For 'drive-by' pick-up, arrive at or after the bell. DO NOT begin lining up inside the parking lot until after the bell rings to avoid blocking staff who are parked in the lot.

- If you arrive before the bell, please park along 2nd Ave. and walk into school for pick-up, or wait in your car until the bell rings, then enter the parking lot.

- Parents of 1st-2nd grade students are asked to arrive at 2:40 and parents of 3rd-5th grade students should arrive at 2:50. If you are picking up students from both groups, please arrive at the later time.

Do not block 2nd Ave at any time by forming a car line along the road. There are two lanes for entering the parking lot from the North. If those lanes are full, please go around the block or pull over into a parking space along 2nd Ave.

- Do not block driveways of the neighboring homes at any time.



Kindergartners should be picked up outside Room 1 & 2 at their release time IN PERSON. Please come to the bottom of the ramp at the play structure side of the Rooms 1/2/3 building and the children will be walked out by their teacher.

With our very limited space, we appreciate the difficulty of parking while visiting the school. To make our small parking lot function efficiently, we have a few rules:

  1. Staff Parking: Please refrain from using the reserved staff parking spaces at all times. We have many itinerant staff members who arrive at various times during the week and must be able to reach the building quickly to fulfill their responsibilities.
  2. Reserved Space: In addition, we have reserved the first space on the east side of the parking lot as an auction item that provides much needed funds to our school. Please do not park in this space. It is designated 'Benefactor' and the entire space is painted RED.
  3. Gate Access: Please do not block the area in front of the gate. This area must remain clear for authorized district and county vehicles.
  4. Neighbors: Please be considerate of our neighbors as well and be sure not to block any driveways or park illegally.

Children who are not picked up on time will be taken to the office, and you will be called.