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Garden Program

The Garden Program at Mount George provides students with the opportunity to plant, nurture, and most importantly, feast on student-grown produce.

Throughout our weekly garden-based activities, students have the unique chance to get a little dirty, have a lot of fun, and explore important topics in science and nutrition.

By turning the garden and greenhouse into a "living laboratory" and promoting the importance of healthy habits at home, the Garden Program strives to not only fill hungry stomachs, but to fill up hungry minds as well.

Garden Schedule

Room 2- 8:25-9:25
Room 5- 9:30-10:45
Room 1- 10:50-11:50

Room 7-8:25-9:25
Room 10- 9:30-10:45
Room 6- 10:50-11:50
Room 3- 12:20-1:20
Room 4- 1:25-2:25